Influence of the 4Ps in the Buying Behavior of Elderly Consumers Flowers in Paraná Coast – Brazil

Abstract The consumption of flowers among the class of consumers called the old age is elevated in countries such as Japan, United States of America, Italy, France and others in Europe, but in Brazil, the consumption of flowers among the people of 60 years or more is still too low when compared with more developed markets. The factors that may be influencing this gap are still unknown, and in this context, in order to subsidize the establishment of marketing actions for the commercial segment floricultural production chain retailer, this study investigated the influence of the 4Ps, namely: price, place, promotion and product of the buying behavior of elderly consumers. The study was conducted from 169 interviews with elders of both genres at the time they bought flowers in 22 florists of the coast of Paraná. The female gender was identified as the majoritarian consumer, and roses, violets and orchids their preferred species among this class of consumers. The retail trade of flowers did not attend the expectation of the customers of the old age, especially in relation to price, offered species and quality of production. The main products which replaced the flowers on consumer preference in old age when they could not find the desired flowers were clothes, perfumes and chocolates, just by the facility to be acquired in many different locations.

Keywords Agribusiness, flower trade, ornamental plants, retail trade, cut flowers and florist.

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