Population Density of Leaf Miner Lirimoyzatrifoliiand Cotton Aphid Aphis Gossypiiinfesting Castor Oil Plant Ricinuscommunis

Abstract A field study was conducted at plant protection department, college of Agriculture/University of Baghdad to determine castor oil plant pestsRicinuscommunis, for the period between 2/9/2014 to 17/6/2015.

Results showed that castor oil plant  (Ricinuscommunis) was infested by the castor oil plant leaf minor Lirimoyzatrifolii and cotton aphidAphis gossypii.The highest population densities of the leaf minor at western side were 6.8 insect/leaf and the lowest were 0.6/leaf dated in 30/4,7/5 and17/6 , respectively.Whereas,the highest population densities at northern side were 5.6 insect /leaf recored in 9/9 while The lowest population densities of the  leaf minor at northern side were 0.3 insect/leaf dated in 10/6,17/6 and 30/4  respectively. The highest population densities of the leaf minor at southern side were7.5 and the lowest were0.3insect/leaf dated in 3/6 , 2/1 respectively. At eastern side, the highest densities were 5.6 insect/leaf dated in2/9 and the lowest were 0 in 10/6 respectively. For cotton aphid, the highest population densities were for the northern side with4.2 cm2/leaf discdated in 2/9and the lowest were 0 cm2/leaf disc dated in12/4 and 30/4 . Whereas they were 4.8cm2/leaf disc in 19/11 and 0cm2/leaf disc in 30/1and 30/4  for western as highest and lowest densities respectively the highest population densities   for the eastern sides were 3.6  in 19/11 while the lowest population density were 0.3 in 23/1 ,30/1 , 22/2 ,23/4 and 7/5 ,the highest population densities   for the southeren side were 7cm2/leaf discin 23/4 while the lowest population density were 0.2 in 9/9 respectively. The highest incidence was for the parasite Pediobiusmetalicus. While, the hymenopteran Neochrysochairsformosa, Digylphuscrassinervis and Pediobiusmetalicus were reported to parastize on castor oil leaf minor.

Keywords Lirimoyzatrifolii, Aphis gossypii , Ricinuscommunis

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