Probable health damage to dogs by intakeing the Bravecto™ Product

Abstract The product based on fluralaner, brand name Bravecto was launched worldwide in 2014 in the form of a chewable tablet whose action on fleas and ticks lasts around three months. Presented by MSD ANIMAL HEALTH as an innovative product, highly safe, and can be ingested by dogs, including puppies, breeders, pregnant and lactating bitches and Collie dogs. In addition, it is indicated as part of the strategy to control allergic dermatitis and reduce the risk of transmitting fatal diseases transmitted by ticks.  However, after its launch, numerous cases of development of pathologies and deaths of dogs of various races and ages, coinciding with the intake of the product began to be reported. Later on, the owners whose dogs had adverse effects on the product were organizing and forwarding reports to the manufacturer and entities responsible for product regulation and marketing and consumer support worldwide such as the CVM’s Adverse Drug Event (ADE) EMA (European Medicines Agency), various sites on the pathologies developed in different breeds and the signs presented by the animals in the period of product administration. All this data which have become a database available for consultation.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) in July 2017 had requested the company to investigate all relevant reports related to various disorders such as neurological, skin and appendage diseases, hypersensitivity or immune-mediated reactions and liver diseases, some of which were fatal. The present review aims to summarize the information and provide a scenario in which, despite the efficacy of the product in the control of ectoparasites, has coincided in the period after its application, with the incidence of several pathologies and even deaths of the canine species

Keywords Animal safe, pathologies, drugs, civilservice, data base.

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Agriculture Journal- Probable health damage to dogs by intakeing the Bravecto™ Product

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