Process Optimization, Consumer testing and Shelf-life Determination of Canned “Halang-halang”: A Filipino Traditional Food

Abstract Halang-halang and tagutoare the Filipino names given to the hot and spicy pulutan (finger food) prepared from finely chopped across of young native chickens stewed in coconut milk with chopped chillies and spices. The basic formulation and process of halang-halang need to be assessed especially as canned product for longer shelf life and wider distribution. Thus, this research optimizes the formulation, processing conditions and determines shelf-life and proximate composition of canned halang-halang. Three identified factors were used in the optimization experiment following the Box-Benhken Design (BBD)with 15 treatments. Three levels of coconut milk (0, 20, 40%), sautéing time (0, 3, 6 minutes) and processing time (30, 40 and 50 minutes) were used.  Different treatments were subjected to sensory evaluation, optimization and verification test. Response surface regression (RSREG) analysis was used to determine the optimum level of coconut milk, sautéing and processing time combinations. Optimum formulation was achieved at mid-level coconut milk (20%), longer (50 minutes) or shorter (30 minutes) processing time and at any sautéing time. Both coconut milk level and processing time significantly influenced the sensory qualities of the product, while sautéing time showed no significant effect in all response variables. Verification test confirms that optimum formulation is better in acceptability scores compared to treatment outside the optimum region. Both the developed “plain” and “hot” halang-halang formulations have high preference from young and adult consumers. After 15 months of storage, canned halang-halang products were still microbiologically acceptable showing a microbial count much lower than the safe level.

Keywords Traditional food, Box-Benhken Design, canning, proximate analysis, shelf-life determination.

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