Production Economics of Mat-Sedges (Cyperus Tegetum Roxb.) Cultivation as Influnced by Water Management Practices for Economic Stability of Resource-Poor Rural People of West Bengal, India

Abstract Mat-sedges are cultivated mostly by the resource-poor farmers in parts of West Bengal. Cultivation of mat-sedges provides a gainful employment to the rural economy, supplements the low income of the farmers and supports their livelihood. From the literature, preliminary survey and contact with the farmers at Sabong and Pingla of Paschim Medinipore district, where it is being widely cultivated mostly as mono-crop with poor management practices by the poor and marginal farmers, which resulted poor returns (Jana and Puste, 2012). Mandal (1986) reported that application of irrigation water according to physiological growth stages of the crop, particularly during the drier months for their growth and productivity. So, on the basis of this fact, a field experiment was conducted during 2006 (May) to 2008 (May) at farmer’s field at Bural under Sabong block of Paschim Medinipore district, West Bengal on clay loam soil. In this experiment annually 3 cuttings were taken, viz. at the end of kharif, winter and summer season, respectively. Regarding production economics, highest BCR value of 1.89 and 2.93 were obtained from the treatment W6 [W3 (Rainfed during kharif + 2 irrigations during winter + 3 irrigations during summer) + rice straw mulching during winter and summer season, respectively] during 1st and 2nd year, respectively. Conversely, the lowest BCR value of 1.11 and 1.97 were obtained with the treatment W2 (Rainfed during kharif + one life-saving irrigation during winter and summer, respectively) during 1st and 2nd year, respectively.

Keywords Mat-sedges cultivation, Production economics, Water management practices, Benefit-cost ratio (BCR), Economic stability and Employment opportunity of rural people.

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Production Economics of Mat-Sedges

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