Secretor status, Fut 2 gene and ABH antigens in urogenital tumors

Ensinck MA1, Lebensohn N2, García Borrás S3, Racca L4, Cotorruelo C5, Biondi C.6


Background: Blood group antigens are polymorphic, inherited structures located on the surface of the red blood cell. The mechanisms of aberrant expression of blood-group antigens are not clear in all cases.

Aim: to evaluate the expression of FUT2 gene in saliva and histo ABH antigens of patients with urogenital tumours in order to determine whether this factor could be a marker risk of urogenital cancer.

Methods: 128 subjects were examined, half of whom suffered from urogenital lesions, while the other half was the healthy control group. All were subjected to clinical examinations and standard evaluation tests in order to establish the secretor status of their saliva. For the molecular studies the saliva samples were subjected to thermal shock, centrifuged and the genomic DNA was extracted by an enzymatic digestion method. The DNA samples were analyzed by ASO-PCR with specific primers for the G428A allele and for the wild type allele of the FUT2 gene. To reveal A, B and H antigens in tissue sections of the patients we used a modified specific red cell adherence technique.

Results: We found a higher intensity of disease in the non-secretor group (OR = 2.44) and the occurrence of epithelial dysplasia was found exclusively in this group. The 51.2% of the patients with urogenital cancerous was non secretors, in contrast with the healthy population (22.1%). In the tissues analyzed the test showed slightly positive results on atypical areas, and there was a complete antigen deletion in areas histological affected by neoplasia. Further it is suggested that areas of blood group isoantigen negative epithelium showing atypia, or in some instances near normal histology, may give rise to relatively low grade carcinomas.

Conclusions: Considering these results we suggest the use of this method to monitor probable preneoplastic lesions in risk population, especially in those with no secretor status.

Keywords Fut 2 gene, ABH antigens, urogenital, tumors.

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