Smart Grid and Micro Grid: A Reliable Combination of Power System Network

Abstract Demand of electricity is rising day by day and by virtue of same the power system leads to use of renewable source of energies just because of limited sources of conventional energy. As migrating toward non conventional energy sources one the first end it solve a major issue by providing us a huge amount of energy which is not going to consume with respect to time or raw material. On the other hand it also produces some instability in our power system. As sun do not rise with same intensity throughout the year and wind’s flow is also independent of time and session. Still they can somehow count as per segments but it leads to a huge uncertainty. So it is required to co-ordinate these devices and to form a Smart Grid. While talking about smart grid a concept of energy storage strikes in mind. For storage of energy there are a lot of devices are available in power system market. These devices are used as per their requirements. These devices (like Battery, super capacitor) have their own charging and discharging characteristics. So it’s required to create a micro grid by co-coordinating them all together. Both smart grid and micro grids have their own significance but due to rising unstably in power system it is required to add a smart and micro grid to design a reliable system. This approach will require a division of micro grid is to be dividing in some segments so that it can by utilized more efficiently. In this paper we will be presenting a combination of a smart and micro grid to create a reliable and efficient network for modern power system.

Keywords Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Power system Networks.

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