Software based reconfiguration for the Cascaded H-Bridge multilevel converter

Abstract Multilevel converters have been widely accepted in medium and high power applications, their general function is to synthesize a desired AC voltage from several levels of DC voltages. For more levels, the total harmonic distortion of the output voltage, decreases, has better waveform quality, low stresses on switching devices and better performance. This paper presents the reconfiguration based software for a cascaded H-bridge multilevel converter of five levels used as active shunt filter, to obtain seven levels. The transformation of the model in terms of the sum and the difference of the square of the capacitor voltages is crucial for our developments. The reconfiguration depends on the difference of the capacitor voltages, the imbalance between each H-bridge voltage and the commutation frequency.

Keywords adaptive law, active shunt filter, multilevel converter, pulse width modulation, total harmonic distortion, software based reconfiguration.

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