Soil Fertility Status of Some Villages in Chilika Block of North Eastern Ghat Agroclimatic Zone of Odisha

Abstract The work on the status of soil fertility in Chilika Block of Khurda district in Odisha has not been done extensively. Total 30 surface (0-15cm) soil samples were collected from three villages namely Vellery, Badakul and Chasangara of Chilika Block of Khurda district. The organic carbon content of all the three villages varies from low to very high with a mean value varying from 0.49% to 0.75% and is good enough for crop production and in Vellery village it is found to be highest due to presence of black soil. The available N content of all the three villages are found to be low and is found to be in positive co-relation with the organic carbon content of the lands. The available N content is higher in all the land types of Chasangara village in comparison to similar land types of other two villages. The available P content of all soil in all the three villages is moderate. However the P content of Vellery village is higher than other two villages because of the higher content of organic matter. The available K contents of all the soils of all the three villages are high and especially in Vellery village it is highest. This is a good indication for the high yield of various fruits, vegetables and tuber crops which need a high amount of K. The S content is found to be comparatively higher in the low land soils of all the three villages under study. Again the relatively higher content of S in all the three types of land i.e. upland, medium land and low land of Vellery village in comparison to other two villages has a good co-relation with the other parameters under study. The various results obtained from the different soil tests give information about the nutrients status of the soil of the three villages under study and on the basis of these findings, a balanced recommendation of fertilizers and manures to various crops can be made that will help in increasing the productivity of different food crops for the economical development of the farmers of that area.

Keywords soil fertility, Chilika, Soil texture, organic carbon.

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Soil Fertility Status

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