SPR Based Sensor for Detection of Hepatitis A Virus in Water

Abstract In recent years Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is gaining large interest in research areas because of its fast response and its high sensitivity. SPR is a detection method which is used to analyse the bimolecular interaction taking place near metal-dielectric interface. This is a technique with which we can measure the small variation finding in the refractive index near the surface of metal with higher sensitivity. This change in refractive index is measured due to the interaction in the molecules. In this paper we are designing a sensor which can detect Hepatitis virus present in water by using this SPR technique. Simulation results show a distinct shift in the wavelength spectrum for chemicals in water and normal water .This SPR based sensor is highly sensitive. Here channel waveguide dependent SPR sensor structure is used and simulation is done by Rsoft Full Wave tool.

Keywords Water, SPR, Refractive Index

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