Studies on the Inhibitory Effects of Aloe Vera Bardensis Extract On Palm Oil and Palm Kernal Oil

Abstract Aloe vera extracts were obtained from the fresh leaves of the plant(Aloe vera bardenesis) through sequential extraction involving soaking in a the solvent ethanol for a period of 48hours.Various concentrations of 2ml. 4ml, 6ml, 8ml and 10mls were prepared from the extract. Samples of palm oil and palm kernel oil were obtained fresh from the source and their physicochemical properties determined. The results obtained were kept as references. The oil samples were then blended with the various concentrations of the plant extract and times varied from 24hours to 120hours.Results obtained from the physicochemical analysis of blended oil samples showed that the effects of the plant extract at various concentrations was distinctively noticed after a period of 72hours of treatment. Results obtained from acid value analysis of the blended oil increased from 7.6mg/KOH/g to a constant value of 8.5mg/KOH/g at 72hours.Peroxide value of 1.6mmol/kg increased steadily to a constant value of 2.1mmol/kg.Value of free fatty acids of 4.1 in the control was steady at the value of 4.7 after 72hours.Iodine value of 58.4mg/g in the control increased steadily to a constant value of 58.4mg/g in the bend after 72hours.Saponification value of 147 increased to a steady value of 151 in the blend even after 48hours.These results indicated that the concentrations of the extract used has some degree of significance and points to the plausibility of using natural sources as antioxidants. Foods, oils and other allied industries may be potential beneficiaries of this botanical resource.

Keywords: Aloe vera, Natural antioxidant, Extract, physicochemical properties, oils.

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