Study on Adoption Behaviour of Flower Growers and their Level of Economic Inspiration under NHM in Indore District

Abstract There is no need to emphasis that floriculture is an important agribusiness gaining commercial importance in the vital scenario of Indian agriculture. India being a tropical country has several advantages in floriculture production. Adoption studies are also useful for illustrating the degree to which acceptance of new technologies is limited by insufficient inputs, credit, or marketing infrastructure. If it appears that farmers are unable to take advantage of a new technology because they lack inputs, this information can be presented to policymakers who have responsibility for the agricultural inputs that are available and the way they are distributed. After the study if adoption behaviour shows that access to credit significantly influences the type of technology that farmers use, then this information may be presented to those responsible for designing and funding credit programmes. Similarly, adoption studies may be used to highlight marketing bottlenecks that limit the acceptability of new technologies. Looking is the importance of flower production in Indore district, the personnel of NHM programme provided various extension programmes and facilities for its development. The programme has completed many years, hence, it was felt appropriate to know the adoption behaviour of flowers growers and their level of economic inspiration under NHM. Therefore, a study has been designed, Study showed that out of the total flower growers, the highest proportion of the flower growers 40.00 per cent found to be perceived partial level of economic inspiration followed by perfect level of economic inspiration 32.50 per cent and least level of economic inspiration 27.50 per cent respectively.

Keywords Adoption Behaviour, Economic inspiration, NHM, Indian agriculture, flowers growers.

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