Study of Different Surface Pre-treatment Methods on Bonding Strength of Multilayer Aluminum Alloys/Steel Clad Material

Akdesir1, D. Zhou2, F. Foadian3, H. Palkowski4*

AbstractMetallic composite materials, as part of a large group of materials, are well known to design materials properties to the customers’ demands. Due to its unique service performance features in comparison with other methods the cold roll bonding process for producing clad metal material has witnessed a rapid growth and development in recent years. The solid state joining technique in the CRB can be applied to a large number of metals, which may be the same or similar, possessing identical attributes, or different, possessing widely varying mechanical or metallurgical property. Here, bonding is caused by adhesion requiring specially prepared surfaces. However, surface cleanliness is difficult to achieve without a controlled atmosphere. In this work the effect of the surface roughness and the initial thickness of the sheets on the bonding strength of Al/St-clad materials were studied using wire brush and belt grinding to reach surfaces of different but defined roughness on the steel. Different Al thicknesses were used, as well. Highest roughness on the surface was achieved using grinding with a grit size of 40. Al-sheet thickness also showed influence on the green bonding strength with the thicker the Al-sheet the better the green bonding strength was. The adhesion between the clad partners exhibited higher when the steel surface was belt grinded.

KeywordsCold rolling, bending, Al/St clad, roughness, bonding strength, surface pre-treatment.

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