Study on Physicochemical Properties and Microstructure of Taro Starch in Taizhou

Abstract In order to compare the physical and chemical properties of taro in Taizhou area, taro starch was extracted through the method of spray drying , the blue values, solubility, swelling force, amino acid of amylose and amylopectin and taro starch granules were studied. The results showed that the blue values of amylose were1.16, 0.97, 1.1 in Taixing, jingjiang and xinghua taro respectively, the blue values of amylopectin were 0.19, 0.14, 0.13 in Taixing, jingjiang and xinghua taro respectively. In the comparison of solubility, taixing xianghe taro had a wide distribution, the following sequence was observed: jingjiang xiangsha taro >xinghua longxiang taro. Analyses of amino acids were 3.03mg/100g in taixing xianghe taro starch which was more than the other two taros. The nutritional assessment of amino acids suggested that the taixing xianghe and xinghua longxiang taro contained delicious amino acids which of EAA were 38% and 44% respectively. Taixing xianghe taro contained the highest content of phosphorus and potassium, which were 1419 mg/kg and 8084 mg/kg separately. Granule morphology showed that starch particles of taixing xianghe taro were smaller than those of taros and the surface was smooth, uniformly. Particle shape was spherical. Xinghua longxiang taro particles with irregular diamond, Jingjiang xiangsha taro starch particles was irregular sphere, and spherical surface was uneven. Taizhou taro was delicate, delicious, which of the taixing xianghe taro was with better quality on the domestic market.

Keywords taro, extraction of starch, quality, analysis.

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Agriculture Journal- Study on Physicochemical Properties and Microstructure of Taro Starch in Taizhou

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