The Role of the Regional Data Сenter (RDC) of the Pacific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center) in North Pacific Ecosystem and Fisheries Research

Abstract In 2015 the Regional Data Center (RDC) commemorated its 41st year. The main goal of the Center is to collate data on the marine and oceanic bioresources of the Far Eastern region, the state of their environment and exploitation, and to facilitate the collection, analysis and processing of such data. The RDC is part of the Russian Far East Research Institute located in the city of Vladivostok. The full name of the institute is the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Pacific Research Fisheries Center, or the TINRO-Center for short. Most of the work performed by the RDC is related to the Concept of Information Support for Bioresource and Ecosystem Research in the North-west Pacific. The Center is chiefly focused on: 1) the development and implementation of automated workplaces for scientific and technical personnel on expeditions and on shore; 2) the maintenance of an archive of primary expedition data on paper and digitally; 3) the development and management of large databases (DB) with data collected in scientific and research expeditions and while fishing; 4) the creation based on databases of higher quality IT products – knowledge bases and geographic information systems (GIS), containing the results of processed data from the long-term monitoring of the status of marine and ocean ecosystems; 5) the performance of any user request regarding the database and GIS for information support of the current scientific, practical and administrative work of all the institute’s departments; 6) the development of new approaches to data processing and the automation of related processes through the creation of proprietary software; 7) the establishment of inter-institutional data exchange and the creation of DB for public use; 8) advice from the personnel of the institute on methodological issues related to the statistical and cartographic processing of data; 9) the development of regulations and normative documents regulating the relations arising from the collection, storage and provision of access to the data held in the RDC; 10) scientific work performed by RDC scientists, performed alone or in collaboration with staff from other laboratories. These ten areas of focus reflect the role performed by the RDC on a daily basis in providing information support for climatic and oceanographic research, the study of the state of marine ecosystems, short-term and long-term forecasts of the state of the fisheries resource base, the sustainable management of fisheries and mariculture, and the planning of research expeditions.

Keywords— information support for fishing, the Far East, aquatic bioresources, monitoring, forecasting, database, geographic information systems, software.

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