The Socio-Economic Impact of Fadama III Project in Taraba State: A Case Study of Jalingo Local Government Area

Abstract The National Fadama Development Project III is a five years action program (2008 – 2013), which is aimed at increasing the income of fadama land and water resource users to reduce rural poverty and increase food security in the community. After five years of its operation in the state, there is need to examine the socio-economic impact of the project so as to appreciate its effectiveness or otherwise towards achieving its set objectives. To achieve this, questionnaires were administered to some of the beneficiary groups to appraise the impact of the project on their annual farm output and farm income. Student t-test was used to test the difference on beneficiaries’ mean farm output and income before and during Fadama III project participation. Findings of this study show that Fadama III project in Jalingo LGA is dominated by male (88.04%) and most of the beneficiaries are middle aged people (31-45 years). The beneficiary’ groups are dominated by married persons (88.04%), most of whom are farmers (93.48%). Greater proportion of the beneficiaries attended one form of formal education or the other, though, only few (19.57%) attained tertiary education level. The mean annual farm output and annual farm income of the project beneficiaries increased by 35.32% (from 63.34 bags to 85.71 bags) and 45.79% (from ₦261,880 to ₦381,790) respectively per annum. Furthermore, test of difference on the average annual farm output and farm income of beneficiaries before and during participation in the project in the study area shows a significant increase in their mean annual output and income. However, the project suffered numerous challenges both from service provider and community officers. These challenges range from inadequate capital, untimely disbursement of inputs, and procurement of substandard materials among others.

Keywords Fadama, Impact, Jalingo, Project and Socioeconomic.

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