Threats and Disasters on Planet Earth

Abstract Human life on Planet Earth is threatened by a large number of potential disasters. Those processes are addressed, and discrimination is established between natural, man-made and imagined disastrous events Giant solar flares (of Carrington event or even higher intensity) poses novel threats not previously discussed. Such events would have totally disastrous effects on the electronic and electric systems of the developed world – only native populations and nomads would pass it without problems. In the group of “imagined disasters”, we find all the core issues carried by the IPCC project; i.e. a CO2-driven global warming, a rapidly rising sea level and severe ocean acidification. All those processes are unreal and imagined because they do not concur with available observational facts and physical laws, and by that they also violates our geoethical principles.

Keywords Disasters, giant solar flares, natural disasters, man-made disasters, imagined disasters.

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